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July 2, 2018
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April 17, 2019

Lawyers are expensive.

When you engage a lawyer your legal costs can easily get out of control, making it difficult for you to budget for your legal costs.

At Avon Legal, we understand.

To help you plan your legal costs, we can offer you “capped” legal fees.

We still use time billing on your matter, but we will limit (cap) the total that your costs may reach. The benefit for you with our approach, is that if the time spent on your matter is less than the capped fee, you will only pay the amount of time billed.

When using Avon Legal you will clearly know and understand the most your legal fees may cost you, giving you the opportunity to budget and plan for those costs.

When making your appointment at Avon Legal ask us more about our “capped” fee offering.

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