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At Avon Legal, we recognise that every Estate is different and each Executor is different but that all Executors want to ensure they provide the most effective and efficient service to their Estate at the best price.

That’s why, if you want to fly solo as an Executor, we’re here to lend support if you need it and if you require the assurance of our specialised Wills and Estates team by your side, then that’s just fine too.

Avon Legal’s “Executor Assist Programme” means you choose the legal service components to suit your individual needs.

We offer a 30 minute “Executor Start” session, during which we will review the Will with you, give you some handy hints and advise you what you need to do to administer the Estate.  Our fee for this session is only $185.00.

Then you decide what you need from us next.

In most cases, we will charge you fixed fees based only on the components of our Executor Assist Programme you choose. You’ll know what those fixed fees are BEFORE the work commences.

What’s even better is that, because you are dealing with real people, we’re here to help you when and as you need us.

Avon Legal’s Executor Assist Programme is available from our Midland office.  To find out more, call 08 9274 1977 or email us at [email protected].

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