Time to give your current Will a ‘health check’

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April 6, 2018
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May 4, 2018

If you are one of the 50% of adult Australian who has a will, we congratulate you, because you understand the importance of having put the Will in place.  far too many simply don’t bother.

When you made your Will, you spent time thinking about it, considering every aspect, taking your time and making an effort. You were pleased with yourself and felt a sense of relief when you signed it.  Then, you filed the Will away secure in the knowledge that you had done the right thing…job done; time to sit back and relax…but that may have been 3 years or more ago.

A lot may have happened. Maybe you got married, had a child, experienced the loss of a loved one, got divorced, moved jobs, up-sized, down-sized, or started your own business.  Also, the world keeps turning – laws change, tax rules change, governments change.

How will you know whether your Will still works for you?

When it comes to updating a Will, think about what may have changed:

  • A marriage or new defacto partnership
  • Divorce
  • Death of a beneficiary, executor or guardian
  • Changed relationships with beneficiaries
  • Gifts of specific items – you may no longer have the particular item or want it to go to someone different
  • Foreign property
  • Business interests – if you have started a new business or your business interests have changed
  • Insurance policies – if you have acquired a financial product with a life policy element
  • Superannuation
  • Trusts – if you have acquired an interest under a trust
  • Wealth – if you have acquired greater wealth, tax planning would be sensible.

Avon Legal offers a fixed fee Will Health Check to give you peace of mind that your Will remains valid and current.  You don’t need to have had your Will made by Avon Legal.

If you’re thinking of updating a Will or are concerned about whether you should, there’s nothing to lose.

Our Will Health Check fixed fee package is only $165.00 for 30 minutes.  If your Will is fit (for purpose) and healthy we’ll tell you.

If we think you should be bringing your Will up to date to reflect your changed circumstances we will advise you about the things you should be considering.  We’ll also talk with you about other Estate Planning strategies and whether they’re suitable to your needs.

If you instruct us to re-do your Will, then the cost of your Will Health Check fee is fully credited to our agreed fees for preparing your new documents.

Dust off your Will and call us on 08 9274 1977 to arrange your Will Health Check.

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